Thursday, December 31, 2015

EMERGENCY Prayer Request for MIDNIGHT New Year's Eve 12/31/15

Brother Gary / Bear049 has asked the Bride of Christ to Unite in Prayer tonight, New Year's Eve (just before Midnight) to pray this prayer with one heart and one mind:

Our Father in heaven please help your servants we are besieged by the world . It accuses us of having a Father who cares not ,They say if your God is truly the God of the Universe the creator of all things why are you poor why are you down trodden why do you suffer disease and hurt.

Father we ask you to put an end to their railing against you and your children . For you and you alone have all power and authority . Christ said all power was given to him, we ask humbly that you hear our prayers and you answer from heaven the charge against you and you alone. We ask that you show them with the strength of your arm as you did in the days of your servant Elijah when he settled for once and for all who was God you or Baal. We ask that you send fire down to consume the sacrifice of our suffering and eat the offering and the wood of sacrifice and the stones of the alter and lick up the water of unbelief and swallow the very dust of their lie against YOU FATHER in the name of your only begotten Son Yeshua we ask, Amen.

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