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Word from the Lord for March 20 - The Delusion Comes

1 John 4: 1-6

Baptists: The Original pre-Lutheran Reformers & Waldensians: Ancient Baptists With Apostolic Antiquity Who Battled Rome

Baptists - The Original Reformers

Most people don't know that Baptists, Amish and Mennonites are heirs to a pre-Lutheran, pre-Protestant tradition. A couple of fascinating shows here, if you're looking for a good video or MP3 to dive into. Great for homeschoolers too. Please share.
Interesting info on the history of infant baptism and the founding of America in here as well.

Waldensians: Ancient Baptists With Apostolic Antiquity Who Battled Rome
(Download MP3 or MP4 free)

Trailer for new series: The Baptist Battle for Liberty

Thursday, March 16, 2017

URGENT Word from the Lord for March 16 - "Keep the Passover...Let yourself be on high alert!"

"My children, this is your Lord and Savior speaking, Yeshua HaMaschiach. Soon I am coming. I warn you now: Watch the Passover, Keep the Passover! It is most significant. It marks a most crucial time. Let yourself be on high alert for I tell you children they will divide Jerusalem and I will bring judgment. Catastrophe will surely follow. I warn you children keep watch of Jerusalem, my holy city. be evermore vigilant this Passover season, remember me, take communion, honor the 7 days of unleavened bread for surely exceptional changes will take place. Be found in me, my blood covering, for I tell you, just as in the days before the the Exodus, the shadow of death shall pass over all homes and dwellings, a curse set but not upon my chosen ones, not upon my little ones. I commanded that the Israelites cover their doorways with the blood of an unblemished lamb. I am your Lamb, children. I shall cover you, protect you from all that is to come. You are not appointed to wrath. My righteous ones, my holy ones live in obedience to my word, my will, the direction and guidance of my Holy Spirit, seek me with all that is within you. pursue me and get to know me more. Always walk in me. Dwell within me and I shall dwell within you. Your obedience is crucial. My children, I warn you the time is short. You must be serious, prepared, make ready by me for you will only have yourself to blame if you are not Raptured at my Coming. I AM coming at a time you know not. Be found in me always. There is no other way. You must be molded into my likeness and perfect image, You must bear my fruit. Children, you must be blameless and born again. There must be a clear distinction between you and the rest of the world. You must be set apart, no longer conformed, My Bride must be pure, without spot, wrinkle, blemish, or stain, undefiled, hidden. She must be mine, completely surrendered. She must be waiting for me,her oil lamp lit, full, radiant, illuminated. My Bride must be Godly, faithful, and true. My Bride must be as I am. Children, I warn you, pray to be covered in my blood. to be counted worthy to escape all that must come to pass. All Foolish Virgins shall be left behind. Come to me now, daily, to ensure your blood covering, that I am pleased with you. I must be pleased with you. I must approve of you. You must be in right standing with me. Ask me to judge you, to examine you, that you may repent. There is no time to tarry or be distracted and led astray. You are either in me, living in complete obedience, or you are not. I warn you children, continuing to do your own will will lead to your destruction. Disobedience is sin. You do not want to be disqualified. Submit to me fully now, daily, without hesitation. Regret shall be the portion of those who do not - fierce regret and devastation. Children, seek my blood covering. Commune with me always now, live a consecrated life, separate from the world. I shall come into you and sup with you like never before. Remember the Passover, be on guard. Keep watch. Perform communion and keep the feasts. It shall be a great blessing unto to those who are mine, and I warn you it shall be the commencement of a profound change, changes of Biblical proportions. 

Lord Yahweh Yeshua

Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Revelations on the soon-coming Gathering of the Eagles (aka Rapture)

Stages of Catching Away of God's People and Darkness
by Diana Oliveri (including Words from the Lord)


Which Mountain is it? by Diana Oliveri

Discussed the trail that led me to more information regarding the mountains in Galilee. Is it Mt Hermon? Tabor? Sinai? You decide.
I replied:

I was led to some interesting information after watching this. First, I thought of how Natan, the secular Jewish boy who had the NDE said (in bullet point 11) that the Mt. of Olives would split in two and then the Messiah would appear (which is also prophesied in Zechariah 14:1–2). Then the Spirit showed me the scripture, Acts 1:11-12 where Jesus is on the Mt. of Olives when he says, "This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven." He was also on the Mt. of Olives when he prophesied of the events leading up to his coming in Matthew 24 - including being caught up to meet the Lord in the air, and the gathering of the eagles. But here is the most interesting part, Wikipedia says that it was traditional for Jews in Jesus' day to celebrate Sukkot by making a pilgrimage to the Mount of Olives, which is why I now believe that Jesus and a few disciples just happened to be on a mountain during Sukkot (Matthew 17:1–9). It seems clear to me now that the Mt. of Transfiguration must be the Mount of Olives, and it seems like there is a clue in Acts and maybe even Matthew that he will be returning to the Mount of Olives just as Zechariah prophesied.

Has the Lord given us another clue as to the location of the initial gathering in this "Word from the Lord"?


Word from the Lord for March 11 - Unpredictable

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Occult Elite, laying the groundwork, already explaining away the Rapture!

Image result for bearth brooks agnew

My husband received an unusual job offer in January and I was asking the Lord why the new job the Lord gave him to support our family was a swing shift position (from 4PM until anywhere from 12:30 – 2AM) since I had to drive him to work. I wasn’t complaining or anything, I was just curious. Over the days and weeks the Lord revealed to me that there were many reasons he had given my husband that specific assignment but the most phenomenal reason was a revelation that I would most likely not have received if I hadn’t have been staying up way past my bedtime for the past few weeks.

One night to keep myself awake I decided to turn on an old late-night radio show that I hadn’t listened to in years, Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Noory. It was January 25th.

That night the guest was Brooks Agnew the author of Bearth: Two Earths One Race for Time, published in February 2016. Brooks' bio on Coast to Coast AM emphasized his association with the JPL crowd (Jet Propulsion Laboritories) which perked up my ears.

I just serendipitously happened to turn the interview on right at the beginning and found out that the plot of Agnew’s trilogy of books sounded eerily similar to the revelation the Lord gave me in June of 2016 about the cover story that will be used to cover up the Rapture.

Agnew spoke about how he came to publish his books in 2016 and he also said that even though he is using fictional characters to drive the storyline that everything in the books are not fiction but actually based on truth.

Brooks then continued his interview with the following statements:

BROOKS – The story goes that during the Flood of Noah there were really two creations that had reached a let’s call a semi-ultimate development. One was the generations of Adam to Noah and the other was the other creation – inside the book of Genesis where God creates man and woman and commands them to multiply and replenish the earth and till the earth, and it’s pretty much a benign story – there’s no Adam, there’s no Eve, there’s no Garden of Eden – that’s later – so the idea is that there are actually two races of Adam – lower Adam and higher Adam, and somewhere the story gets corrupted because outsiders – these Watchers, these Nephilim – come in and at first their job is to kind of watch over mankind and make sure they develop properly but it gets corrupted because Lucifer steps in and says, “You know we could take over this whole creation for ourselves if you’ll just do what I ask you to do.”

And evidently the Watchers did that and they ended up corrupting the seed of man and it gets to the point in the Bible, and in several other traditions around the world, that God realizes that his whole genetic creation is about to be corrupted and lost unless he cleans the slate and so he has this universal flood. That flood is the merging of the two earths, one planet very high in water and the other one not so high in water. When the two planets came together it was devastating. One – the higher race of Adam living on the Ark, and the other – people scrambling for every cave and high mountain they can find. But the two races do survive and they come together again and modern man is the result of those two races blending – and the conflicts that go with it.

GEORGE – Hmmm. OK, so you mesh Biblical stories with real science.

BROOKS – Yeah, and it’s not just Biblical because, as you know, when we did The Ark of Millions of Years we went into every world tradition. We went into Tibetan, we went into Yukatan, we took forty ancient works – from the Sephirah Yetzirah all the way to the Popol Vuh. All of these traditions talked about this flood and the blending of two races.

GEORGE – OK, so when this collision occurs, it’s gotta be the loudest thing we’ve ever heard.

BROOKS – Absolutely, and it happens – we’re watching it right now, in fact the LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories) we have two of them in this country (one in Hanford, WA, the other in Livingston, LA) and I’ve been to both of them, I’ve sat in the control rooms of both facilities. They’ve been looking for black holes ever since they built those facilities, and they’ve had to get better and better at controlling frequencies and vibration and manufacturing sapphire-coated mirrors and everything, and finally they got good enough – just recently while I was writing this book – they discovered two black holes coalescing – all kinds of bodies in space: planets, stars, neutron stars, binary stars, and black holes, come together just like this earth did.

GEORGE- Hmmm. OK, now let’s lead us to what this all means to us today.

BROOKS – Well, what it means to us today is that every single one of these civilizations had in their legends not only the fact that they merged together but that one day – this day, right now, the 21st century – they would come apart – and that’s what this book is about.

GEORGE – Now, what do you mean come apart? Physically?

BROOKS – Yes, physically the higher vibrational earth would become dissonant with the lower vibrational earth. The spirit earth would become dissonant with the temporal earth and they would separate – just like when the human spirit separates from the human body. Earth is about ready to either go through birth or go through death, and you can call it the Rapture, you can call it Tribulation, you can call it what I just called it. But now we’re seeing this occur and the two races – the ones that will align themselves with the higher vibration, or spiritual earth, will become unaware of the darker and more temporal, more – let’s just call it more murderous, temporal spirits – and they will remain with their respective earths.

GEORGE – But you’re not predicting that planet earth is going to spilt physically, are you?

BROOKS – Not split down the middle. It’s more like phase apart. Two whole planets will go separate ways in space – one higher vibrational, one lower vibrational.

GEORGE – Literally, though?


GEORGE – Wow. What does that do to all of us on this planet?

BROOKS – Well, all of us, obviously, are going to be divided. We are going to choose which earth to go with, and you can imagine what kind of a big screen movie this would make. We’ve seen movies about a planet getting ready to collide with earth but we’ve never seen a movie about earth actually separating – one race actually being taken up with another planet.

GEORGE – I mean, let’s look at the planet right now. If this occurred, kind of tell us what part would go where?

BROOKS – Well that’s the ultimate question isn’t it? We’re talking about judgement day. We’re talking about ‘choose whom you will serve’ kind of thing. And what do we see on our planet? We see races of people whose propensity it is to murder and rape and destroy and not create anything and then we have others who are loving and tolerant and merciful and benevolent and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

GEORGE – Well, we couldn’t be lucky enough though to split it up that way could we?

BROOKS - Well, maybe it’s not luck. Maybe it’s all by design.

GEORGE – We’ll find out when we come back.

------------------------------------commercial break-------------------------------------------

This dovetails with the revelation the Lord downloaded to me as he was giving me this post about the Mandela Effect in June of 2016. I will cut and paste the excerpt below:

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy about the “Strong Delusion” spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, and the prophecy in Daniel 7:25 where the Anti-Christ (and his occult technocracy or “Beast system”) changes the laws of nature and divides time during the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation, which I believe is beginning now.
Satan’s first item on the agenda, using this technology may be to cover up the “Rapture” (aka the catching away of the Bride of Christ, the Netchatef, the Harpazo, the great “escape” that Jesus said we should pray to be worthy to be included in, in Luke 21:36).

I’ve been warning people for years that the culmination of the “Strong Delusion” is going to be when the Fallen Angels come back to the earth during the reign of the Anti-Christ and claim to be “visitors” from other planets that either created us, or genetically modified us. They are going to claim (from what I have seen in their literature for years – because Jesus said to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” Matthew 10:16) that God is a tyrant and that Lucifer is a freedom fighter and that they did us a favor when they genetically modified us. But a scenario along these lines is the culmination of the Strong Delusion. I’ve put some of my research on the subject into a post which can read more about HERE:

But this scenario cannot take place until after the “restrainer” (in Thessalonians 2:6) is removed, or God’s Holy Spirit filled people. The Lord is going to withdraw His Spirit from the earth and His people are the temples that house that Spirit. I believe the beginning of the Strong Delusion is going to be a way of covering up the Rapture, or the removal of God’s people.

The Adversary’s agents are going to point out that for the last few years we’ve been noticing changes to our reality, i.e. the Mandela Effect (also known as the “lying signs and wonders” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:9). Once a significant number of people disappear, this psychological operation is going to go full-blown and the powers-that-be are going to claim that we have shifted realities and “ascended” and that all of the bad people (i.e. Christians) have been left behind in the old world because they weren’t enlightened enough, or spiritually advanced enough to enter the “New Age.”
This will lead to the second phase of the Strong Delusion which is the claim the God of the Bible is a tyrant and Lucifer incarnate is a freedom fighter come to liberate humanity. A one-world religion will be set up and the Bible outlawed. Lukewarm Christians who were left behind, and those who came to the Lord after the Rapture, will be marked for extermination unless they renounce the God of the Bible and join the one world religion. This is why Luke 19:27 was changed.

-----------------------------------------------End of excerpt---------------------------------------------------

Then a few days or weeks later, in February, the Lord led me to watch a YouTube video in my subscription feed that I had never heard of before. It was Ken Peters’ testimony about his vision of the Great Tribulation, and it was undoubtedly a second witness. He said something about a cover story that the powers-that-be would use to try to cover up the disappearance of those caught up to meet the Lord at the onset of the Day of the Lord. He said:

I began to walk in shock at the current events difficult to describe because lawlessness and fear was permeating society completely. After about two weeks of time television and radio began to be back up and running however it was completely different from what was previously being broadcast. The broadcasts were being bombarded nearly everywhere. They were depicting a soon to come new government and leadership. A man would be emerging to lead us. The man finally came on the scene and he spoke with great eloquence (I wrote these things down exactly as I saw them) and charisma. He was soothing and promised answers to all current issues. This man was smooth and extremely convincing, able to solve nearly all problems. He was a consummate communicator and he explained how this removal of people was God’s judgment.

Ken Peters’ full testimony here:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! -- Isaiah 5:20
Please, print this out for those left behind!!!


Jesus' prophesied "Great Deception" is near at hand!


MANDELA EFFECT: The Bible as an idol and the need for continuing revelation

Bible & Lakota Prophecy connect: Asteroid!

Word From The Lord for 3/8: New Truths Being Revealed

Word from the Lord for March 8.

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