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40+-year Baptist Minister preaches the Book of Mormon

Searchable, Non-denominational Book of Mormon (free online):

Lynn Ridenhour is a Southern Baptist Minister who for these past twenty-two [+] years has been preaching out of the Book of Mormon, as well as the Bible. It’s Lynn’s belief that Book of Mormon Christians and Bible-believing Christians have far more in common than all their differences. Are there differences? Of course. “But it’s time we began celebrating our commonalities, rather than continue magnifying our differences,” says Brother Ridenhour. “The Book of Mormon is the most non-sectarian book I’ve ever read,” says Lynn. “It’s meant for Christians of all faiths.” Dr. Ridenhour is the founder of “Building Bridges Conferences,” an inter-denominational organization dedicated to bringing together Bible-believing Christians and Book of Mormon Christians.  Lynn makes his home in Independence, MO.

Excerpt from A New Day for the Book of Mormon

Watch the rest of the documentary free, online:

Lynn's YOUTUBE channelhttps://www.youtube.com/user/lynnridenhour

Dr Ridenhour's official website: Building Bridges - Southern Baptist Minister Bringing Together Reformation and Restoration Christians

More info: Lynn Ridenhour's WINEPRESS MINISTRIES 39-Year Baptist Minister Turned Charismatic Mormon Remnant Gatherer

Press Release:

Missouri Mob Descendant Apologizes to Mormons, 
Jan. 24, 2005

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Southern Baptist Minister, Lynn Ridenhour, issued a tearful public apology Saturday to the Mormons for the actions of his ancestors in persecuting and driving the Mormons from Missouri in the 1800's... READ MORE: http://www.greaterthings.com/EzekielConference/press_releases/January24_2005/

Article: The Baptist Version of The Book of Mormon: Protestant Doctrines within the Book of Mormon by Lynn Ridenhour

Article: A short account of Lynn's conversion

Lynn is a great writer:

Charismatic Manifestations in a Mormon Context

Those Crazy Charismatic Book of Mormon Lovers

"…Houston, we have a problem…"

First Miracle in the Church: Newel Knight delivered from demonic possession, filled with Spirit. First LDS general conference: several laid prostrate in the Spirit.

Setting the Captives Free: An essay on the power, modalities, pervasiveness (even among righteous Christians), and means of removing demons

In the Trenches: Conversations with Mormons and Evangelicals

LDS Living magazine also did a write-up on Lynn:

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All Churches Built Up To Get Gain Will Be Destroyed

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy (2 volumes) full text available free online:

Joseph Smith’s Monogamy: Exploring a Counter­narrative Regarding Plural Marriage

NEW BOOK: The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum (2017)

Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons

Why Christians Should Study Mormonism

Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Christian Reformation

“This is the 500th year of the Christian Reformation and Christianity has become a fractured, incomplete and conflicted body of Christians. This half-millennial milestone marks an opportunity to consider where we are, how we have arrived there, and what can be done.

​Since it's beginning with Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox, to Roger Williams, John Wesley, and even Joseph Smith, devout men have sought in vain to recover the authentic Christianity once established by the Lord Jesus Christ. This website is a commemoration of Christianity's history since Martin Luther.”

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