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How did Jesus get out of hell?

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and I will shew thee great and hidden things, which thou knowest not. - Jeremiah 33:3

Insight given by Doug at Fellowship of the Martyrs

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What has Barak Obama been up to in 2018?

Although this photo was originally posted in 2017, for some reason it went viral in June of 2018. Perhaps that was when it was simply discovered by the mainstream or perhaps it was highlighted by the-powers-that-shouldn't-be as "predictive programming" since the timing of its revelation seems to coincide with other revelations about what has going on behind the scenes within the soon-to-emerge New World Order and its increasingly-emerging leader, Barack Obama.

You can read more about the original Instagram post here:



Original Instagram post here:


Excellent (video) analysis of Washington Post interview asking Obama about his 'regalia.'

Baphomet Article and OBAMA by Jonathan Kleck

Then, on June 20, the day before the summer solstice (probably not coincidentally), one day after this photo went viral (also probably not a coincidence), Fox News announces (in closed captions) that Obama is "the real Messiah."

This was also the same day that the University of California at Riverside announced that scientists had named a newly discovered sea creature after Obama, calling it "Obama Coronatus" (which means Obama crowned.)

Then 25 days later, on July 15, it was announced in newspapers worldwide that Obama had traveled to Kenya with a 400 person "delegation." One of the 400 delegates was Oprah.

This was about 2 1/2 weeks before Obama's birthday on August 4. Strangely, I had a short dream a few days before Obama's birthday featuring Obama. I've never dreamnt about him before.

In the dream I knew that Obama was coming after me, as in hunting and persecuting me. I know that that is just symbolic of Christians and truth seekers and those that value liberty and freedom and those who oppose the New World Order. I think that it is also symbolic of the woman in Revelation 12 who the dragon goes after on the cusp of the Rapture - which is the Resurrection of the dead and living in Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) and which is Christ's rescue mission before the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord, which is the first day of the Great Tribulation.

Anyway, in the dream Obama was coming after me and the next thing I know I dropped a piece of dung on the ground. That was it, then I woke up. I prayed for an interpretation of the dream which led me to look up "dung" in the Bible.

The first passage that I turned to containing that word was Jeremiah 9:22:
Speak, Thus saith the Lord, Even the carcases of men shall fall as dung upon the open field, and as the handful after the harvestman, and none shall gather them.
I knew that that was it. Dung in this scripture is symbolic of the human body. The context of this verse is also extremely important because Jeremiah is prophesying of the Lord's day of Judgement which was to come in his day and time and it also pertains to the Lord's day of judgment which will be coming in our day and time. But rather than being slain with the wicked, I knew that that in my dream dropping the dung on the ground was symbolic of "dropping" my mortal body during the Resurrection of the living in Christ when I receive my new glorified, translated body. At that point there will be nothing that Obama or anyone else will be able to do to harm me. The great escape is coming, Brothers and Sisters! Praise God!

As if all of this were not enough, another strange thing happened after this dream. A couple of weeks ago, right after Obama's birthday, my mom called me and told me that she had a dream about Obama. I hadn't talked to her for awhile and had not mentioned my dream to her so I said, "Well that's strange, so did I." I her dream she told me that she saw Obama in a school classroom. That sent shivers down my spine because the image that that immediately brings to mind is a scene out of the 2012 short film, "I, Pet Goat II." She also said that in the dream she was headed down Freeport Ave. in Sacramento (California) which brings to mind the issue of freedom once again. She is a former piano teacher and in the dream she was gathering up students to bring them to this school. What is also interesting is that she said that there was a teacher in the classroom with him when she arrived. In I, Pet Goat II there is also a teacher in the classroom with Obama. My mother also said that Obama was waiting very impatiently in the dream, which I found very interesting. It makes me wonder if in real life if he is waiting impatiently to come back onto the world stage.

One other thing of interest is that although most people assume that the teacher in the film is supposed to represent the teacher who was in the room when G.W. Bush was reading the I Pet Goat book, a lot of people have commented in various forums that the teacher in the film reminds them of Oprah.

Regardless of whether her dream is pointing to the clues in this film or not, this film is packed with esoteric, occult symbolism which some people feel is prophetic or predictive programming, "the revelation of the method," and all of those terms and phrases describing the fact that the occultists and magicians are obligated by God to reveal what they are about to do before they do it. (Apparently it has to do with consent. If they tell is what they are about to do and no one says "no," or stops them from doing it, then according to natural law they have legal ground to proceed.) You can view the film below. Countless articles and videos have been produced trying to decode the symbolism. I will leave links to a couple of more recent ones below. What is most remarkable, however, is that my mother as never even heard of this film so the Lord may be pointing us to the clues in this movie.

I, Pet Goat 2 the Epic Interpretation


Remember "i, pet goat ii" from 2012? Makes a LOT more sense now


UPDATE: Just had this video from three days ago (8/26/18) pop up in my YouTube feed this evening after I posted this. It talks about how I, Pet Goat II depicts the coming One World Religion / New World Religion rising out of the ashes of the planned fall of the Catholic church. Yes, the Catholic church is false but its corruption is going to be used to bring a false solution to the earth. Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (and following his instructions to us personally) can save us.

Just popped up tonight (8/29/18) This one is pretty mind-blowing. Must see!!!

More updates still coming in! This one by Steve Fletcher, September 7, 2018

"We don't need a Messiah" - Obama


Game of Thrones/Obama/and Subud, September 13, 2018

YEAR of SATAN?? Really OBAMA ?? Make this VIRAL, September 17, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Joseph Smith murdered by Masons after launching anti-slavery, pro-Indian Presidential platform!

Image result for jon bystrom who killed joseph smith

...and after threatening to prosecute polygamists!

From the description box:

Jon Bystrom, 25 yr. investigative reporter reveals who really shot and killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Maybe Brigham Young was not the prophet the Mormon church touts him to be. His Freemasonic and banking connections along with his grandiose ego and need to be in control drove Brigham's motives for orchestrating the murder of the Smith brothers. A forensic and ballistic investigation shows the overwhelming likelihood that Willard Richards and John Taylor were the henchmen, under Brigham's orders that betrayed the Smiths. Willard Richards, known church historian, then underwent the task of rewriting church history. It would appear as though Joseph Smith was not a polygamist after all. Brigham Young is the "prophet/profit" that practiced polygamy out in the open and reveal it as eternal doctrine. If this is so, then the Mormon church has a lot of explaining to do and setting the record straight. We'll also be discussing Dallin H. Oaks and background. Stay tuned to find out who this character is and how he came to be 2nd in command of the Mormon church without ever serving an LDS mission. Maybe his ties to E.H. Herriman has a little something to do with it.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

How to hear God: If you could ask Jesus anything what would it be?

"Malachi and his wife are moving to Liberty in the next month or so. He has the boldness and faith to EXPECT that people will hear God and DARE them to try! Maybe YOU should try this technique. It's what we do in Liberty all the time to help jump start folks' hearing" - Doug

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Holy Smoke: Cannabis in the Word of God

Doctors and psychiatrists are heavily dependent upon prescribing man-made pharmaceutical drugs to make a living. Cannabis threatens to put them out of business. The word 'pharmakeia' in the Bible means sorcerer, or mixer of poisons. Conversely, the ancient semitic word, 'cannabis,' is mentioned in the Bible and prescribed by God several times.

Click on photos to enlarge

Genesis 1:29

Genesis 1:12; Genesis 1:29-31; Genesis 9:3

Exodus 30:22; Isaiah 18:4-5; Ezekiel 34:29; Proverbs 31:6-7, Revelation 22:2; Genesis 1:29

From the Hebrew Torah

Exodus 30:23

The Bible and Cannabis (6 min.)

CANNABIS ( Marijuana) is IN the BIBLE and JESUS USED IT (45 min.)

Further Reading:

kaneh bosm = Cannabis

Jesus and Cannabis


Holy Cannabis: The Bible Tells Us So


Cannabis Use in the Scriptures


Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicine by John Heinerman
Full text available online: http://www.pshm.org/mormonmedicine.shtml
See also: A Historical Analysis of the Word of Wisdom

“And again, verily I say unto you, all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man.” — Word from the Lord, 1833

Doctrine and Covenants 89:10

"And whosoever among you are sick and, have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, with herbs and mild food, and not by the hand of an enemy." - Word from the Lord, 1831

Doctrine and Covenants 42:43

Verily I say, that inasmuch as ye do this, the fulness of the earth is yours, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and that which climbeth upon the trees and walketh upon the earth;

Yea, and the herb, and the good things which come of the earth, whether for food or for raiment, or for houses, or for barns, or for orchards, or for gardens, or for vineyards;

Yea, all things which come of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart... - Word from the Lord, 1831

Doctrine and Covenants 59:16-18

"To gladden the heart" = "It's the high that heals"

Cannabis Is In Your DNA (6 min.)

Meet Your Endocannabinoid System: How You Could Benefit from Cannabis Use by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


How (and Why) Your Brain Makes Its Own Cannabinoids


Run from the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story (2014 Updated  Second Edition)

Toddler's Seizures Treated with Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Cures Child's Seizures


Ganja Babies do better – more suppressed marijuana research


Five-year follow-up of rural Jamaican children whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy




Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by David McGowan

The Greek word for "sorcery" in the Book of Revelation is "pharmakeia." This is where we get the word "pharmacy" (Revelation 18:23).

The lost and rediscovered apocryphal text, The Book of Enoch (cited in the Bible, Jude 1:14) states:

and they [the fallen angels] taught them [men] charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the cutting of roots and trees.

Enoch 7:1 (from the Ethiopic)

The Bible states, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

The most amazing revelation regarding modern sorcery to come forth is recent times is the fact that it is now well-documented that the CIA created the whole "drug counterculture." SEE: Psychedelic Intelligence – The C.I.A. and the Counterculture by Logos Media 

SEE ALSO: Manufacturing the Deadhead: A Product of Social Engineering by Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill 

AND: How Darwin, Huxley, and the Esalen Institute Launched the 2012 and Psychedelic Revolutions – and Began one of the Largest Mind Control Operations in History

One of the most well-known doctors involved in L.S.D. research, Willis Harmon (of the Stanford Research Institute), stated that L.S.D. was discovered decades before Albert Hofmann 
by Rudolf Steiner and his followers (an offshoot of Theosophy) and interestingly, Theosophists claim to have contact with the Fallen Angels(!) 

So if there truly is "nothing new under the sun," then it looks like we've come full circle...

Do you understand what the Biblical definition of sorcery really is?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

God's Spirit is falling on THOUSANDS of People in 2019!!! (Joel 2:28-29)

Joel 2:28-29

The Day of the Lord

“And afterward,I will pour out my Spirit on all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy,your old men will dream dreams,your young men will see visions.Even on my servants, both men and women,I will pour out my Spirit in those days.

In January of 2013 the Spirit of the Lord fell on me in the form of a series of short visions, and I was given a message to deliver to anyone who will listen. A few weeks later the Lord led me to YouTube where I shown that he was also pouring out His Spirit of thousands of other people from every walk of life, just as prophesied in Joel 2:28-29 (see videos below).

This is the message:

Almost every single prophecy leading up to Christ's Second Coming has been fulfilled - even the Strong Delusion Christ prophesied has already begun:


The fulfillment of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 is imminent. "For when they shall say, 'Peace and safety,' then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

-The Day of the Lord is imminent.

-The Resurrection of the dead-in-Christ is imminent.

-The translation / "Rapture" / receiving glorified bodies of the Living in Christ (and the pure in heart) is imminent.

-The Return of Jesus Christ is imminent.

In Luke, 21:36, Jesus commands us to “pray to be worthy to escape”

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight, for the hour of his coming is nigh— Fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come!!!Repent, repent, and prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!!!" (D&C 133:17; D&C 133:38; D&C 33:10)

"If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it." -- Matthew 10:39; Matthew 16:25; Mark 8:35; Luke 9:24; Luke 17:33; John 12:25

END of Message...

The authority I have been given to deliver this message:

Amos 3:7; Numbers 11:29; Revelation 19:10; Amos 7: 14-15; Joel 2: 28-29; Doctrine & Covenants 88:81; 1 Nephi 1:4; Doctrine and Covenants 1: 18-20; John 10:4; John 10:27, D and C 84:52; Helamen 13 - 16.


God has given me a second witness in my younger sister. She is a 39 year-old professional in suburban Seattle who lives alone. She is a perfect second witness because she is one of the most sheltered, isolated people I know and she is extremely pure in heart. She believes in Jesus but does not attend church regularly or read the scriptures regularly. She works so much overtime that she doesn't talk to me or anyone else except when she visits on holidays a few times a year, so she has no idea what's going on in my day to day life, much less my spiritual life and she does not watch YouTube. She called me in late 2015 with a visionary, prophetic, dream of sudden destruction and "the Grand Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man in the sky" so powerful that she had to call someone and tell them. Her account can be read here:

The next most important witness is Natan, a secular Jewish boy who was 15 years old in late 2015 when he had a Near-death Experience that showed him the imminent return of the Messiah. Natan's description of the Messiah's return was straight out of the Book of Revelation. You can watch Natan recount what he was shown here. Natan insists that the Messiah's return is about to take place at any moment. 

Additional testimony, witnesses and confirmations (by Elizabeth Russell):

The Visions I Was Shown in 2013:


The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is near at hand! Have you received an invitation?


The Groundwork has Already Been Laid to Cover up the Rapture After it Takes Place by the Government and Media (please print this out for those left behind):


Dreams and Visions from thousands of people from every walk of life including children:

RAPTURE - FINAL BOARDING CALL!!! October 16, 2018 

January 10, 2019 Prophetic dream US nuked and invaded Russia and China together

8 Yr. Old Swedish Boy's Rapture Vision is seen 2,500 years ago (2019)

January 21, 2019

11/30/2018, South Africa


Autistic Son Proclaims "Psalm 24" Rapture Doors (Dec. 2016)

Sudden Rapture Dream 2017. Followed by Immediate Tribulation and Chaos

Return of Jesus Dream (2012)

My son's Rapture Dream Drawings from 4/14/18

9yr old Grandson Describes Powerful Vision of Tribulation (2017)

Dementia client confirms rapture is upon us!

Prophetic Dream of the Children Disappearing!

Testimony from Judy about God falling on her 10 year-old son in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Timeline given to Judy and her son:

Cute videos of 10-year-old Prophet:





12 year-old's Rapture dream (2017)

Time is up. Rapture now. Jews expecting Messiah, 2016 (Europe)

Word from The Lord: “I am coming!” via Genevieve in Australia (October 2016)

Jesus Christ appears to Genevieve in Australia FACE to FACE! (2017)

Jesus is near. Powerful message from the Lord (2019)

Edmond's Dreams of Rapture and 3 days of Darkness (2013)

Vision: Dead in Christ are getting ready!!! Rapture is coming (2016)

Prophetic Dream Vision EndTime Apocalypse SIGN Revelation ADAR Moon PURIM Holy Spirit Baptism, Texas (2011)

Part 2:

Jesus Describes His Second Coming in My Rapture Dream (2017)

January 7, 2019

(2015) Rapture Vision Of Wedding Feast, Called Prophet, Eternal Companions, 144K via Prophets Among Us / Jason Stevens (served L.D.S. mission)


Sikh artist from England's East End miraculously transformed into pure joy by Jesus! Beautiful people, gorgeous imagery, powerful story! November 9, 2018

Colorado man transformed by Jesus, March 1, 2019

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wochuJ30uqY&t=4s

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSD_jnEqxgI

Aaron in California, 2017:

MARCH 2019 URGENT! Prophecy Update: Thus Saith The Lord, "I Will Divide The Land With Water..."

Word from the Lord: "Woe to You Scoffers and Mockers" (2013)

More Words from the Lord on Mockers and Scoffers (2013)

DO YOU RECOGNIZE MY VOICE ??? Word from the Lord via Jesus Rules (Nov. 23, 2016)

Jesus' Instructions: How to be Worthy to Escape (2013)

Word from the Lord: “Only a few normal days left” via Jeffrey (May 2016)

Word from the Lord: “Get Ready, the Bridegroom is coming for His Bride” via Ed Amos (2014)

How to hear from God: If you could ask Jesus anything what would it be?

Doug met Jesus. In Person. (2017)

Some of us are coming back after the Resurrection of the living and the dead-in-Christ and after the Wedding Supper of the Lamb to gather the repentant remnant to places of safety and then to help Christ set up his millennial kingdom!

"And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints." --Jude 1:14


Government and Media will cover up the Rapture (Christ's removal of his people from the hour of testing, Luke 21:36; Revelation 3:10; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) by saying they were abducted by aliens! Please read and print out for those left behind!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons

Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons

No Johnny-Come-Lately: The 182-Year-Long BLACK Mormon Moment Darius Gray

Diversity in the Mormon Church (1/4)

A Black Mormon Stands Against the KKK (2/4)

Jane Manning: Black, Mormon, Strong (3/4)

An Accurate History of Black Mormons (4/4)


JOSEPH SMITH FOUGHT POLYGAMY: The Exoneration of Emma, Joseph, and Hyrum (2017)

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