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Word from the Lord, February 19, 2013

"The Zombie Apocalypse is upon you. There will be such a phenomenon. It will take place. The Zombies are the demonically possessed.. The Taken. They are spiritually dead, no life in them remains. The former persons have been taken over. They no longer exist. The body acts as a shell, a vessel for the demons to abide in.

Just as My latter rains are to fall upon My peoples - the Holy Rain of Fire - so will the enemy's evil forces inhabit man. It is critical that you warn My people. Inform them of what I have revealed to you. Only those in Me will be protected. They will be safe and sealed. The Holy Spirit acts as a shield. The evil forces are no match to the power and glory of GOD.

I will be with Mine when such events take place. This will happen shortly around the world. This is a phenomenon that will only increase. No one is safe except My true followers. They will slaughter, murder and kill. They will tear people apart. They will eat them. They will confiscate homes, they will appear without warning.

This is a judgment of the end times. Not a Hollywood film. Satan's demonic forces have been cast down to earth. Their evil works, possessions shall manifest in a variety of ways. The Walking Dead - the Zombie Apocalypse is one of them.

My children must draw close to Me now. Darkness has descended, a darkness so evil I will be returning soon. Man can not comprehend the evil days before them. Life is about to take a turn for the worst. You are in the End of days. The Time of Sorrows. Horrors await the children of men.

The Zombie Apocalypse will destroy lives. I AM the only way. The only safety. Truth be told, those not in Me, not of Me are doomed. My people must be knowledgeable about such realities. Such occurrences are real and will be taking place in greater measure now.

My children, be prepared and ready for anything. Expect the unexpected. This is your LORD speaking. I tell you the truth - life on earth shall never be the same. What was normal will become an ancient memory. There is no "normal" any longer. I tell you children , what lies ahead, what man will witness and be confronted with - no words can accurately describe.

You must seek to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally strong in Me. Many will lose hope and faith, many will panic and lose their sanity. Only a strong relationship with Me will keep you stable, steadfast and secure during such times.

Children, you must be vigilant. You will encounter greater supernatural experiences - good and bad. Much supernatural evil is before you. Ready yourselves. Many of you will witness these things I speak of. I tell you do not be alarmed but founded in me. Do not open any doors - both physical and spiritual to the demonic forces at play. For they will surely come to you. They can not harm you but you must be strong in Me.

I warn you children. These things I tell you are true. Believe. Anoint your homes with oil and pray without ceasing! LORD YHVH YESHUA

*Anointing (Oil) prayers: Always pray from the heart, make the prayers your own! Copyright - 1999 by Bern Zumpano, M.D.

Consecrating oil : "Father, I consecrate this oil as the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit, and speak and decree that it is imparted with the power of the Holy Spirit for healing and deliverance, for your Word says that in that day you will decree a thing and IT WILL come to pass." (Job 22:28). " I decree it and ask you to EMPOWER it now, by FAITH... in Christ Jesus' Name." "I thank you, father, for already having heard and granted this prayer, in Christ Jesus' Name."





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