Friday, July 19, 2013

Word From the Lord: Prepare for Tribulation . . .

MY dear beloveds,

Today I want to speak to you about what is coming--the coming Tribulation, MY beloved.
Many of you who are not ready will have to go through a hard period of tribulation. I have already called you to escape what is coming: to the mountains, as MY WORD describes.

One will be raptured, but the other will remain. Move yourselves already now into safer places, MY beloved. Many are called, but few are chosen as MY true, pure, real bride. Very few are chosen.

This is not a choice of MYSELF, MY beloved. As you know, you all have your own choice. But the time is up. This is the End Time, and MY true, pure bride is formed. She will be raptured when MY SON YAHUSHUA comes to get her Home for a period of time.
All time is in MY Hands, as you know. The unveiling of MY Words is also in MY Hands. This is a time when many of these Words, sealed until the End Time, are now revealed to those who seriously seek ME--only to those whom I have chosen for this, who now fast in prayer and who have given up all other activities to seek and please ME.

The time is short, MY beloved, as I have called for years. My Voice has gone out into this world to save many, to wake up many, to bring many into their End-Time destination in ME.

Many have rejected MY Words. I am not a GOD who lets HIMSELF be mocked. I am a GOD of Love and Great Patience, but time is up! You have had all opportunities, MY beloved, to fully prepare in ME.

I sent you many tests of obedience last year, the year before, and the year before...and also this year in particular: MY last call to fast in holiness and purity for your GOD, a last call to be ready for your GOD when HE comes to rapture HIS bride.

Who is MY bride, MY beloved? It is all in MY WORD. Many things have been sealed, but are now unsealed and revealed to MY prophets and to those who have seriously sought ME in fasting, prayer and worship. I reveal MY secrets only to them. They know the truth.

So MY beloved, if you are not ready now to meet ME, then I fear that you will have to go through the Tribulation. But also here I will still be merciful.

MY witnesses will be sent out and MY angels will stand at your side. The important thing, MY beloved, will be to act in pure faith and fierce determination during this period. I will still look at your heart.

But know that if you are not raptured now, your heart condition was not convincing to ME. Do not say that you were not sufficiently warned, MY beloved. You are.
But I am not a God of delay. I do according to MY WORD. So everyone will receive according to his or her faith and their ability to surrender to ME, MY SON and OUR RUACH HAKODESH--the Holy Spirit, as you call HIM.

This is a very serious time to be living, MY beloved. This is truly the End Time, and persecutions, oppressions and great anxieties are coming. The enemy will persecute and chase MY bride who remains. Why is she not raptured?

Because she is not part of the select group of MY true and pure bride who will already have been raptured, and this happens now very soon. She knows ME.

You do not really know ME, and there are many of you I do not know. So MY beloved, I want to encourage you not to give up when great tribulation comes over this world. MY bride--those who remain--will be persecuted and oppressed with great anxiety.

Everyone has a chance, always had. Each receives according to the choice he or she makes. But MY choice for MY true real, pure bride is now made. She has not fallen into sin and she has clothed herself with the garment of repentance, fasting and prayer. She has given up everything for ME, as MY WORD asks. Right, MY beloved?

You all have MY WORD, and that deep conviction in you of sin against MY Commandments. If someone does not keep My Commandments, I cannot take him or her into MY Holiness, into MY Kingdom.

These Words are hard, I know MY beloved, but they speak the truth--the pure truth, MY beloved. The pure truth. Read and reread MY WORD and see what is required to enter MY Kingdom.

Did you think all the previous Words were a waste of time? No, MY beloved! But the time has come to discern who is MY true bride and who is not. MY true bride will be protected and secured on the day of evil. Her, I will protect.

But I speak now to you who are not part of this group yet: Flee to safer places! Seek ME in fasting on your face, and see and hear what I want to do for you. I give warnings and chances abundantly, but now is the time to ACT. I still want to bring in and protect many for this time that is coming: A time of Great Anxiety. But it is up to you to seek ME now and ask about your true condition. Maybe I will have mercy and secure you.

Unspeakable sin is going on in many of your hearts; can I leave this alone? Should I ignore this? I am Holy, and without Holiness no one comes into My Kingdom!

For the complete Letter of I AM COMING:

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