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Jesus still speaks to people, and He wants to speak to YOU / God is preparing a generation of Ezekiels - POWERFUL!

This is an actual message from Jesus in 2016. Jesus isn’t a religion. He was really resurrected, and if you really want to know if He is really everything that He said He was, and if you sincerely seek to know with pure intent, He will reveal Himself to you (and the truth of all things). It is worth finding out because He will be your best friend and tell you everything that you need to know and do. He can rescue you from danger, even if it requires a miracle, and He will give you treasures of knowledge and wisdom if you so desire. I promise anyone who seeks the truth about Jesus will find it if you humbly and diligently seek to know. It won’t be a wasted effort. He came to restore wholeness to this broken world. It may be darkest before dawn but it is coming. I know and promise that this is true. “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you," James 1:5


My daughter, write my words to the broken and the lost, the people who have never come to know who I AM or how much I love them. Tell them that I created the earth and the galaxy in which it sits and the universe around that, eternal in its size and space. I created all of this for you, the object of My affection. I created the earth and everything in it, and the time on your earth is soon to be up. Your job now is to receive Me, not by earning my love, but by receiving Me into your heart and understanding My plan of salvation. The seed of Satan entered My creation from the beginning of time on your earth and is still a part of your flesh to this day. That is why there is evil within the heart of every man. Evil that some men try to control by quelling their fleshy desires while others give no minds to quelling of these fleshy desires, and they walk in their own evil ways. Others behave as servants of the enemy, the very devil himself, and some men trade their souls for this time for riches and fame and give their Eternity to the enemy. 

So many souls do not know who I AM. They may have never heard of My love and are still waiting, or some may have rejected Me without a second thought. These lost souls, these wayward sheep without a shepherd, these fools, these deceived souls, show them now; share with them My love. Share with them My message of hope. If you, My child, are lonely, heart broken, walking without a purpose, angry, hurt, empty, hear my voice. Hear Me now. Here of My love for you.The love of your Maker, your Creator. I did not create you for life on this fallen planet. I created you to live WITH me in perfect union for Eternity. You were created as an eternal being, and from the beginning, the devil has attempted to destroy you. He lies and is trying to steal your soul. He is trying to convince you that I don't exist or that I AM just a fairy tale, and he works hard to convince you that he does not exist and that your entire universe and all its glory occurred by accident. Please understand my truth. You were created by Me, Jehovah God. You didn't just manifest. I created you and did so in My image. My love for you goes beyond your wildest imagination. I not only created this earth for you, but the heavenlies, and I delight at the thought of feeling you enjoy these good gifts that I have in store for you for I feel what you feel.  

Many of you do not think you deserve my Eternal paradise called heaven. You wallow in your sin and guilt and shame, and when it comes to the idea of a Savior, I seem too far away or too good to be true. I AM real, and I am right here. All you must do is seek Me. A single thought about Me creates an opening into your heart. A single glance in My direction allows Me the opportunity to make Myself real to you. Seek Me, and you shall find Me. Your path, no matter what your sin, no matter what you believe or failed to believe means nothing once you receive Me into your heart. I promise, when you receive Me, you will never regret your decision. I promise, when you receive Me, that I will fill that empty place in your heart that you have be yearning to fill with the things of this world. No amount of human love, fame or riches or hobbies can fill this emptiness. When you receive Me into your heart, you will quickly see that our relationship fills that void in your heart to overflowing. I love you so, My child. If you came across this video, listen again. I AM love, a perfect love. I died on a cross to purify My creation and reconcile My creation perfectly to Myself. There is no other God. I AM He. I AM the creator of all things. I wish for nothing more than My creation to feel My love and experience My forgiveness, to receive what I have stored up for them, to open their hearts to My simple plan of salvation and understand that I came into the flesh and died on a cross to remove the curse that the enemy placed upon My creation. I love My creation. I love each individual heart, your heart. Believe this truth, and do not turn your face from Me.

(I think that this message posted to Facebook (below) dovetails nicely with the message above, POWERFUL!

Right now, in the secret place, God is preparing a generation of Ezekiels. They are nameless, faceless voices.
He is plucking them from office jobs and universities, from tattoo parlors and bars, from dry churches and kitchens where they cook dinner with a baby on their hip, from the mission field and the prayer room. He's whispering to them in the night, shaking their circumstances and erasing the lines of their neatly drawn comfort zones.
They are learning to walk through fire. They are forsaking fear and falling madly back in love with their First love. They are being ruined to everything else, spoiled by His presence. They won't want the world ever again, not after what they've seen and felt Him do.
They will be a peculiar people, an upside down people. Turning the other cheek to their enemy, blessing those who curse them, giving everything they've got to those who can't give anything back. They will make Jesus' name famous by choosing the altar over the audience.
They will live a laid down life, broken and poured out like an alabaster box. They will not forget what they were rescued from, and will live with reckless abandon for the one whom they call Savior.
They will raise an army of dry bones to life with the Power of the Almighty they've submitted to. Signs and wonders will follow them and favor will be bound to their heads. They are marked. They are bold. They will not shrink back.
They are revival, burning hard and fierce. The fire in them is unquenchable.
Just wait. When you hear their voices you will know that they are sent. You will know that they are chosen.
But right now they are silent, weeping between porch and altar, being firmly rooted in an eternal paradigm. They are being sandaled with readiness for the gospel of peace. And with those readied feet they will run over glass, coals, lava if they have to. They won't slow down. They won't draw attention to their own able feet but instead, they will proclaim that there is one on His way, one who they aren't worthy to tie the sandals of.
Get ready, nations, this remnant is being prepared. They will shake the entire world. They will ask questions that demand answers, they will carry an anointing that cannot be denied. They will not relent in their cries for heaven and mercy and miracles. The Truth is in them, and it is stirring, building, nearing the moment that it breaks forth.
You'll know it's time when you hear their voices. The nameless, faceless ones.

By Jessica Sowards & Freedom In Christ (via Mark Breen)

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