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Grandfather Red Elk's Prophecy about the Sacred Feminine

Grandfather Red Elk's prophecy. He asks that it be forwarded to as many people as possible around the world. Please do so.

Taken from his appearance on the Prophecy Keepers radio/internet show:

About 6 years ago a man and a woman were walking on the beach of the Atlantic coast in Canada by moonlight. As they looked out onto the water they saw a light on the water shining up. These are Indians that live at the ocean and they know phosphorous when they see phosphorous and it wasn't phosphorous, so it caught their eye and this glowing kept slowly coming in on a wave until it got within walking distance.

So the Indian man rolled up his pant leg and walked out and there was this stick floating there giving off great light. He picked up this stick, looked at it closely and brought it to shore to look at it with the woman and it scared them because it had carvings and it was not water-logged. So it scared them both and he decided, "well lets throw it back in the ocean." Before he let go of it, as he started to swing, a whirlpool began to form underneath the bottom end of the stick which was pointing down at the water. The whirlpool got bigger and bigger and then there were faces in the water sticking out on the edges of the whirlpool - women's faces. That scared them all to pieces and he didn't know what to do with it, but he wasn't about to throw that back in. So they took it home and he literally stood it outside of one of his outbuildings for five full years.

He walked around it, he wasn't going to touch that dang thing. So this last year, the fifth year, he started having dreams about this strange stick. The stick was in a sense haunting him. So he started asking around to his people. Nobody knew anything, even their elders. And word got out, and got out, and got out, until somebody said, "there's a man who might be able to help you and he's in America," and they gave him my phone number. He couldn't speak to me, he only speaks some type of French, but he had an interpreter there. He said, "I want to tell you what this stick looks like." I says, "No, let me tell you. First off it's five foot exactly," he says, "yes! yes!" I said, "it's got an ear carved on it, an eye carved on it, and triangles carved on it, about 7 if I remember correctly, and other little things like stairways and stuff." "Yes! Yes!" said the man. See I'm telling him all about it, I'd never even heard of the dang thing. But the Creator knows everything and the Inner Heyoka's, that's us, that's our job: just trying to keep right so Creator can reveal knowledge to us for the help of all.

Then the Creator took me into a time travel to show me where it originated from and it was before the last Earth flip. A women's society of holy women had gone to a holy man and told him what they needed and asked him to cut and peel the stick and told him to give it to them in the proper manner. He agreed, and he did, and that's all his role was, as a man. He prayed to know which tree etc. and handed it over to the ladies and was done. The women carved all the carvings on it and as they were carving it they put their knowledge into it. Now that's something that any human being can do: energize a stone or a stick, or whatnot, with what you want that memory to be, and another person of proper mind can hold that stone, or stick, and read "the mail." It's like a computer that no white man can get ahold of, and very dang few indians. They built it with all the knowledge that they wanted that staff to have and then they hid it in one of the caves of the inner earth for the right time. Well the right time came. It popped to the surface un-waterlogged, painted too by the way, and not with any white-man's paint either. Eventually it found its way to the shore and to this man and woman.

Well this man is now the caretaker of the staff. That's all he does is to make sure that the staff is safe and he beds it down with blankets and pillows - it's a woman, but it's a womans staff, it's truly a stick, but it has the spirit of all the women.


This staff will be used to help the women of the world! It is not a staff for indians only. It is for all women, all over, no matter your color, your religion, or whatnot, it will be, at the soonest, it will probably be no later than late summer - this year [2005] - that's the soonest it will happen, or next year. I dont think it will be three years from now, but there will be a ceremony and it appears, from what I've been shown, that it will be on the Pacific Coast somewhere around Vancouver, British Columbia. Many women from all over our planet will come to this great event and some men as well. Each will believe that they are the ones who will be involved with this staff thing but only thirteen will be chosen and they are chosen by the staff itself.

There's a certain ceremony, first a man will be chosen before any women and this mans job will be (I'm being told not to tell at this time here) but nevertheless every man will present himself to this staff. It's [the staff] as if you were laying on your back and you put your knees to your chest with your feet up and kicked someone in the butt. The staff says "No you are not the one" and it goes on and on until the right one is there. Then that man's job will be to introduce all the woman that will be there who feel that they will be the ones who will be chosen to do this work. And I don't know how many women, I mean hundreds, I assume, I mean gobs of women, there were gobs of men.

They will be introduced by the man and they will walk backwards towards the staff which can see the heart and knows the truth. Then it kicks them in the butt with both feet and literally their propelled out of the circle until the thirteen are found. Now there's going to be alot of ticked off people men and women, pride. "Well I should be chosen!" It is only the humblest, the ones who think little of themselves and love God, and out of these masses of men and women, only thirteen will be chosen. Out of these thirteen, seven will do the major work and the others will stand around the circle praying, lending their support for the seven.

Then the staff will be pointed towards the ocean, then the whirlpool vortex will open up. Then the seven women, I'm sure with much fear and trepidation, will walk into the ocean to the edge of that whirlpool and stairs will appear. When the last one's head goes under, the whirlpool will close over their heads.

Meanwhile, prior to this, a great bonfire is started. This bonfire must continue to be fed until those seven women come out. Whether it's an hour or five months, it must be fed, but they're not drowned! They walk into a totally different dimensional field. If the fire goes out they'll never come back up. People will drift away, but hopefully many will stay to help feed the fire and then all of a sudden the whirlpool appears without the staff, to my knowledge, doing the pointing. It could be that the staff stands up and points by itself, but the whirlpool will open and these seven women will emerge with all the knowledge that all the elders before the earth flip wanted them to know for all the women of our planet - ALL the women - there is no segregation here! Out of those thirteen, at least one woman is a pure white woman, there may be an African or a black. I don't know, but it isn't all Indians that go in there. So I want the people to know THAT THIS CEREMONY WILL BE! I don't know when! I know it will be and it appears that it will have to be at the very most three years away. But more than likely two years, maybe this coming year, and when exactly I have no idea. [Red Elk always stresses that the Creator does not give dates as prophecy is always event driven]

But if your heart is right, if you're listening to what I'm saying - and by the way what I'm telling I want you -man and woman alike - to tell this to your circle, your group, your friends, your brothers, your sisters, doesn't matter, men or women, tell them what I said because the word must go out! and tell them to say it to somebody too. It's got to go all over our planet. And those that feel they are a part of this - start saving your pennies and nickels and dimes and getting your passports and what not because you're going to have to pay your own way, and you'll come when the time is right and you'll know the time just like in that movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind: all these people headed for the mountain, they didn't know why but they had to get there and this is what will happen to the people who are to come and you'll come at His bidding! Don't come because Red Elk picks up a telephone and talks to a radio station and says, "OK, its time come on over." No, no, no. I have no idea when the time is but Dad does and the time will be right and if you are halfway right you will know it's the time. You will come and if you just hear this through mouth or rumors and word is filtered out to some poor woman in the boonies and the jungles - you know hardly ever seen a white man, let alone drove in a car or hopped on a plane, but she will know shes gotta go - shes gotta go somewhere in that direction and she will be saving whatever it is she sells to make a little bit of money so she can get there - the Creator will make it possible, but in His time and all the world, man and woman, should hear what I'm telling you now!

So the ones who will go there will go there and all and the ones that are to be picked out of those that go are picked and the knowledge is brought forth and will hopefully help all women who are very important on our mother earth. Women have given up their rights. There's no balance. Man has pulled up his long johns and said, "look at me!" you know, bullcrap! Give it up to the women too! Let's have balance, and you women of the New Age and you women of the womens-rights movement, you're out of step. That pendulum swings BOTH ways and your holding on to it and pushing it up against your side of the wall . Balance is needed - man and woman together! Brother and sister together! No, "I'm the bigwig"- man or woman. HE is the bigwig, the one top-side, Papa.

So know that this exists! Know that the staff is there know, also that when the staff is brought out and shown, women who are brought to this staff are cured of unbelievable disease. I've seen it myself. I've been there. But now she's in birth mode. She doesn't want to be shown off, so don't go wiring Red Elk, "where the heck is it! I gotta get cured of this or that!" I aint going to tell ya. Right now she wants to rest like any pregnant woman getting ready to give birth, she doesn't want to be dragged out of the house, she just wants to lay there and be miserable, so let her be miserable, give her a chance - this is a woman like thing. There's other ways to get healed than just to run to some damn magic staff!

[This message has been only ever-so-slightly edited/paraphrased. To hear this message from the horses mouth, go to the Prophecy-Keepers Internet radio show - it's about 70 minutes into the show.]

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