Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Blanket of Hope

This is the blanket of hope. Prophecy is woven in its threads. It is an ancient design that speaks of a time when the world is in despair and famine because TRUTH has not been spoken. It speaks of a time of great suffering and injustice because our world is out of balance. Our civilizations have been like a great bird. As in all things created, there must be a balance so the bird has two wings. One wing is strong. The other has been kept tightly bound. In this condition, it will flap around knocking things over, going in circles, creating chaos, but will never get off the ground. The strong wing is the masculine consciousness, enforcing its vision and its will. It has been writing history and making all the decisions that have effected us and will continue to effect us for a very long time.

The other wing is the feminine consciousness. It has not been allowed equal place at the seats of power. This treacherous and sorry imbalance has brought about our histories of war, subjugation, mighty armies, and poor schools. Our societies are rushing headlong into complete annihilation because only the masculine voice is being heard. If we are to survive, women everywhere and the Sacred Feminine that is in every man must be freed and allowed to step forward to affect the general welfare of the earth's populations.

The blanket shows three corn maidens standing and holding arrows of truth - arrows of ascending and descending truths. If we are to survive, they must choose to act by stepping forward now, and if those arrows find their mark, the blanket shows the corn growing. This corn growing promises abundance for all people of the earth. We will have abundance because finally there will be peace. There will only be peace because finally there is justice. There will finally be justice only because TRUTH has been spoken. We will survive only because of the return of this balance - the MASCULINE and the FEMININE side by side as equal strengths. Our societies, our priorities - have been masculinized for too long. We are truly out of balance. The men cannot do it by themselves. Feminine TRUTH must step forward now.

There is a story of wisdom that goes with the border. It was explained to me by a Maori elder (New Zealand, 1990).

It goes like this: The Border of the Blanket is the story of our lives, our purpose, and the roadmap or book of instructions that, in fact, is clearly in the laws/sacred ways of nature. That is the spirals that emanate from the Earth-line (dark red/black borderline) around the blanket. Then notice the stairway that is supported by the spiral. This she called the "staircase to heaven." She said that this represents the obstacles in our lives. We must change our attitude about the obstacles in our path and understand that the obstacle is the path. As each obstacle presents itself we are to say THANK YOU and take another step, and another, and another until its done. It is then we will have our completion and our peace.

It is said by the elders that, "It is not the events in our lives which cause the pain, it is our resistance."

It is my prayer and my deepest hope that knowledge of the existence of this blanket and its meaning will inspire and give us a new place to stand as we transform this terrible rush to vengeance and inevitable world destruction.

I remain as always your friend and partner in a better world.

- ChoQosh -

The Blanket of Hope is not just a picture on a page. It actually exists, and was woven by a weaver in the Big Mountain area of the southwest. The Blanket is owned by an elder who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, although she has asked that this prophecy be offered freely to the world as a gift. You are invited to pass on this website information to others. If you choose to copy the text, please understand that this information is not just story, to be retold as the sender sees fit in the moment. These traditions are oral, and the messages are meant to be memorized, and passed on word for word. To change them to your own liking would be like editing the poetry of Rumi or any holy book, just to suit yourself. Even if you meant well, you would have dishonored the originators, the ancestors. So we ask that you respect the words of this message: If you feel touched by it and want to pass it on to others, please send it word for word.

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