Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Women's Spirituality @ SUNSTONE 2007

I returned to Sunstone this year for a panel on women's spirituality. MP3's will be available for download soon @ http://sunstoneonline.com/


Kathy Wilson, Jana Bouck Remy, Elizabeth Quick, Michael Farnsworth, Sharon Kennedy

Elizabeth Quick

Doe Daughtrey & Elizabeth Quick

Twenty-first-century Mormon women of all ages
continue to discover new avenues for expressing
their spirituality, developing spiritual gifts, and
coming to terms with patterns that haven’t served
them. As they adapt the old and integrate the new,
they create new spiritual possibilities for themselves
and ultimately for those who stand beside them and
come after them. In the tradition of past Sunstone
panels on human potential and women’s spirituality,
this panel explores the spiritual journey of Latter-day
Saint women who embark on alternate paths
through practices such as dreamwork, channeling,
and earth-based ritual, and who maintain (though
not without struggle) intimate relationships while
engaging in extra-Mormon spiritual practices.
Moderator/ DOE DAUGHTREY, doctoral candidate, religion,
Panelist Arizona State University; member, Sunstone board
of directors

Panelists MICHAEL FARNWORTH, Ed.D., educational
psychology; recently retired from Ricks College
marriage and family relations department

JANA BOUCK REMY, doctoral candidate, American
history, University of California, Irvine; blogger at
Exponent II, SunstoneBlog, and

SHARON KENNEDY, high school teacher,
Carlsbad, California; mother of five

KATHY WILSON, artist, art gallery owner,
Salt Lake City

ELIZABETH QUICK, M.A. student in women’s
spirituality, New College of California, San
Francisco; maintains several blogs and websites,
including, In Memory of Her (HTTP://
and Priestess Academy (HTTP://PRIESTESSACADEMY.

Room Market Street

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Bon said...

wow! fantastic! i love seeing you in a professional capacity like this...suits you well. i hope to join your ranks someday. can't wait to download the presentation! -bryan

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