Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dear Paula,

Your email address isn't working so here is my reply:

Dear sister in humanity!
How are you doing?

I have good news. An answer to your question about SLC City Hall.

I asked my cousin, when I was in Salt Lake. He is a historian, among other things and will be giving a free talk at the 55th Annual Utah State Historical Society Sept. 6-8 at the SLC Library ~ fond memories, btw ~

My cousin, Steve Richardson, will be speaking on Prisoners of the Utah War (including my 3rd great-grandfather), Friday, September 7, 9 - 10:15 AM at the Rio Grand Depot / Zephyr Roon, 2nd floor, North Wing, 300 South / 450 West

Anyhoo, I asked him about that figure on top of city hall and what he told me was:

Back in the 1800's it was common for city halls in America to have a statue of liberty on top of the building. Not THE Statue of Liberty but A statue of liberty. He said there was an earthquake in the late 1800's and it knocked the statue off the building - grin - but eventually they put up another.

Let me know whats happenin in Salt Lake!


EQ aka Bethany Magdalene (you can email me through my profile on Blogger, or through my website: In Memory of Her

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