Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ancestral Stones of the Elder Kindreds - FREE webinar

1) Wed. July 8, 7:30 pm US Eastern time (=4:30 pm Pacific)
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2) Thurs. July 9, 7:30 pm GMT (London time) (= 8:30 western Europe, or 11:30 am US Pacific) Reserve your place for July 9 at this URL:

The megalithic sanctuaries, stone circles, and statue-menhirs are the foundational culture of ancient (PRE-INDO-EUROPEAN) Europe. In this webinar Max Dashu will provide a visual overview of these womb-tombs and especially the female menhir-statues of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sardinia, and more. We'll also look at similarities to Algerian and Ethiopia menhir-statues, and the ancestor-face motif.

This is a rare chance to look at these early monumental women, which nearly all histories omit, and which are minimized even in most archaeological surveys. Yet this neolithic cultural focus on ancestral grandmothers points toward matrilineage, and the communal burials in the megalithic "passage graves") reflect a collective clan-oriented society.

Join Max Dashu for this free webinar which kicks off an online course, Spiritual Heritages of Ancient Europe.


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