Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Once and Future Bee Priestess - AVAILABLE for download

Here is a link to download my presentation of THE ONCE and FUTURE BEE PRIESTESS @ the 2012 Sunstone Symposium.

It costs $2.99 to download the MP3 (which goes to the Sunstone Education Foundation).

This is a long list of this years sessions so you'll have to scroll down to the bottom and then mine is the 30th session from the bottom:

I was ill before the conference and I didn't have as much time to put my presentation together as I'd hoped, so I am still in the process of preparing the paper for publication.

I also didn't have time to include the section on Marija Gimbutas during my presentation and so I am posting a documentary on the life and work of Marija Gimbutas (narrated by Olympia Dukakis) for more background :


Bliss Doubt said...

I listened to the paper, splendid! You were a nervous speaker at first, but toward the end your passion for the subject came through. Also the lady at the end who spoke about colony collapse disorder was wonderful. The divine feminine must be restored, or man's final acting out of his unjust dominion over the earth will simply lead to die-offs of species including humans. Of interest to me is Mormonism's changes, to make itself more palatable in the main stream, may constitute the same degradation and dissipation of the full gospel truth which Mormonism originally countered. Anyway, can't wait for your book.

Bethany Magdalene said...

Thank you so much for your interest! Have you had a chance to watch the Gimbutas documentary yet? I'd be curious get your feedback.

Bliss Doubt said...

I'm watching now. I've belonged to a womens spiritual drumming circle since 1996. I own one of Gimbutas' books. It makes me sick how established academia tried to discredit her immediately after she died. I've been on Layne Redmond's emailing list for several years, since reading "When the Drummers were Women". That's how I found out about you. I've been waiting for the Bee Priestess paper since I first saw it mentioned on Redmond's site, or was it her Facebook page? Anyway, go girl!

Bethany Magdalene said...

Thanks Bliss! So glad to make your acquaintance.

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