Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Joseph Smith Fought Polgamy? Say What?

As an academic I think that it is important to question whether it's a settled issue. Would the evidence for Joseph's alleged polygamy stand up in a court of law? Maybe the jury needs to stay out until all of the evidence has been assessed. This particular exhibit was collected within the walls of the Library of Congress. I wouldn't be so quick to assume or judge without seeing all of the evidence available. If one concludes that Joseph was a polygamist the the inference is that he is also a liar since his public statements before he died condemned polygamy and he publicly denied that he practiced it. It would also make his wife Emma a liar. What are the implications then if Joseph and Emma were telling the truth??? We have to be willing to consider that possibility just as much as the other one.

And as a mystic I am compelled to ask: If a man is truly holy, and a humble servant of Jesus Christ, would he ever lie? Would Jesus ever lie?

Just food for thought.

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy by Richard & Pamela Price

Read online (or order) the book here:

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