Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moroni Olsen

I've been trying to get better at recording the synchronicity that seems to take place at an exponential rate in my life. Ususally there are just too many. But I thought I would record this one, just as a classic example:

My mom came over to my house to visit and spend the night. She wanted to watch some old movies and so we visited the indy video store here in town.

She really wanted to see A Place In the Sun with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift and also an old Jimmy Stewart movie that I was surprised I had never heard of. It was titled Call Northside 777

After the movie was over and the credits were rolling and I was looking at the floor thinking about something entirely different, in this case Joseph Smith,
I glanced up as the credits were rolling and right in front of my face appeared the name Moroni Olsen. With a name like that I immediately knew that if nothing else he was at least an ethnic Mormon!

When I looked him up on the internet I found out that we have the same birthday! But my birthday is already a great synchronicity:
it is the anniversary of Joseph's assassination.

Another synchronous person in my life has written a book on synchronicity:

Consider the Butterfly by Carol Lynn Pearson. I grew up hearing a lot about Carol Lynn, an internationally known poet and playwright, because she was a well known Mormon feminist and she appeared on Donahue, frequently, because of her famous autobiography about caring for her husband in San Francisco, while he was dying of AIDS. She was always part of the family legend cycle because my cousin had been a good friend of hers at a much earlier time in their lives. When I grew up and moved back to the place that I was born after not living there for over 20 years, I wound up in her ward. That was a number of years ago....

How interconnected this tapestry of life is. It's a small world.

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