Thursday, August 25, 2016

For those who said the Lord is returning in 2013 (most famously the Rapture Kitty)

The Lord has been wanting me to give the Rapture Kitty (and dear Sister Katie) this confirmation for a year or so after He finally revealed this to me. I am sorry it took so long to get this message to you…The Lord showed me my first vision in January of 2013 - - I did not seek it out. I did not realize for another couple of months that Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 were being fulfilled, that for the final time He was pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh. By March of 2013, He had given me a small handful of visions (some of which have already come to pass) and asked me to abandon my PhD program, get rid of my bank account and almost everything I own. When He asked me to write letters and warn people His Coming felt SO immanent that I knew He must be coming right away in 2013. By the end of 2015, He finally showed me how those that said He was coming in 2013 were CORRECT. He revealed to me that because He dwells in everlasting burnings (Isaiah 34:14) if He revealed His face to us and showed up on our doorstep immediately we would perish, we would not be able to withstand His presence (Hebrews 12:29; Deuteronomy 4:24; Isaiah 30:27), so He is coming in stages, as a process until the final stage of the process when we will at last see Him face to face. The first stage of His coming (such as when He fell on the Rapture Kitty's son, "little John") was the first stage of His coming. So, YES it is TRUE His return did begin in 2013 and I believe I have been shown that it will culminate this Jubilee year, no later than October or November (most likely before the election), but it will culminate sooner than  later when we finally see Him in the cloud. He has told many messengers in Words from the Lord that HE IS HERE NOW, at the door with his hand on the handle, halfway turned - - Every date He has given us has come with it’s own signs and wonders and more of His presence, more of His Spirit, falling upon His people, I documented a small fraction of this process HERE - - Another aspect of His coming (as a process) is the fact that He showed me that all of His prophecies of the signs of His Return that He commanded us to watch for (stars falling from heaven, earthquakes, etc.) are all signs or symptoms of one thing: an incoming planetary system, our sun’s binary companion that only comes close to earth periodically after very long cycles of time have elapsed (see the research of a Christian research group called “Wormwood System Observations” ). I believe that on one or more of the planets or stars in this system are the fallen angels ready to come down to earth to execute their great deception, and that on another planetary body is the Heavenly New Jerusalem where we will be caught up with the Lord. This system has been visible at times for the past few years, but the powers that be are using chemtrailing (and other technologies) to try to hide it from view much of the time. My sister (who doesn’t go online at all) had a dream about two moons last year - - and two suns are mentioned in the Bible as a sign of the Coming of the Son of Man - So, YES, little John was correct, the Lord DID come in 2013, just not the way we expected. He has been in the process of coming for the past 3.5 years and I believe the process will culminate when we are finally purified enough to withstand His presence in full when we will finally see Him face to face before the end of this Jubilee year.

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