Thursday, May 04, 2017

National Day of Prayer request - Illegally Denied Bail and Tortured for 471 Days - this could be you next!

Today is the National Day of Prayer and I have an urgent prayer request for our brother-in-Christ, Ammon Bundy. He has never been convicted of a crime and has no criminal record. He has been denied bail for 471 DAYS for political reasons while awaiting trial. Yesterday (and the day before) he was tortured by guards for hours - physically assaulted, injured, chained to a 3x3 shower stall over night (13 HOURS standing) with no shirt, left without a bathroom all night, denied food for two days, then the next day thrown in solitary while violently ripping off of his remaining clothes. His temple garments were later returned by a sympathetic guard. He is still without clothing and without medical attention for his injuries (To top it off, in the past they have been sexually abusive while doing body cavity searches). They pick on him because they know he is a Christian and they think no one will hold them accountable for it. You can hear Ammon give an account of the horrific abuse he has been enduring and he is not the only one. Many prisoners in this country are being abused by guards who know they will not be held accountable by the public. No human being, whether guilty, or unconvicted (and innocent until proven guilty), deserves to be abused for any reason. You can listen to Ammon’s account of what happened in this video (recorded after his wife Lisa’s account) here: 

 Ammon warned Lisa (and the rest of us) about the consequences of the introduction of the use of torture in a post-911 world , “I see exactly what they are doing. They are learning how to do it in here and then they are going to do it to us out there. It’s not far, history has shown this, it has happened in concentration camps and the holocaust and I sure hope America is not going in that direction.” 

 If we don’t stand up against torture and cruel and unusual punishment - and punishment of those innocent until proven guilty - the Lord will allow us to experience those very things as if to say, “Are you sure this is what you really want?” Please ask the Lord what action he would like you to take regarding these matters. In addition to prayer, letters and phone calls to the proper authorities can be of assistance. These abusers need to know the public is willing to hold them accountable.

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