Sunday, April 09, 2017

Word from the Lord: NUCLEAR WAR is IMMANENT! Prepare!!!

Now comes calamity. Now comes destruction - devastation, death, and horror. You must be ready, Daughter, for it comes - suddenly, unexpectedly. Many shall be caught unawares. Terrible shall the outcome be and it shall only be the beginning.

Daughter, you shall speak these words to My children: NUCLEAR WAR shall come to America. War shall break out amongst the nations, declare these truths, Daughter. Tell my children to prepare, to remain ready!

The North Koreans have declared it and it is so. It is no threat but an action that shall be set forth.

War is coming! War is upon the lands!

Children of the Most High God, El Shaddai, this is your Lord and Savior speaking.

I have warned you to be ready for anything, to expect the unexpected. Now I tell you to be ready for war for it comes.

There will be a NUCLEAR ATTACK upon America, amongst many nations. It is so. It shall be. America shall be devastated and brought to ruin. It shall come suddenly without warning.

Children, I warn you now to prepare for your departure, for the Rapture is soon at hand. It is upon you, closer than you believe. At any moment now the trumpets shall sound, the angels shall descend, you shall be transformed. These words that I speak are true.

Sound the alarm! Warn the peoples! Nuclear war is immanent! A major nuclear attack is at hand!

All is coming to pass now. Remain ready, watching, and waiting for truly the end draweth nigh.

Lord YHWH Yeshua
April 9

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