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New Revelations on the 144,000!!!

Additional information by Tim Foster from a different post (Please, print this out for those left behind!!!)

Original post here (in the comments):

In my opinion based on the plain reading of scripture and listening to a myriad of prophetic words...there will be three departures (Raptures) prior to the beginning of the tribulation...see this summary...this is my take on events...I could be wrong...take it to the Lord...
World Order of Events: Rapture of the church – 2017??

This is a summary is a timeline of end-time events as Jesus returns to gather His faithful believers to rescue them prior to the anti-christ taking over the world and the start of the GREAT Tribulation. There are two gatherings…after the 1st gathering, many non-believers will BECOME believers and will be taken to safety at the 2nd gathering. Events are chronological

1. California Earthquake followed by NY City Earthquake very soon followed by Cosmic event in the sky.

2. COSMIC EVENT occurs, Mysterious Planet becomes visible (Planet X / Nibiru / Asteroid?) the whole world sees, the sky turns red. This sign is all over the OT, see Psalm 60, Isaiah 5 & 18, One message said that when this event occurs that some people will actually be killed. One message said that when the cosmic event occurs, the Lord Jesus’ "Chosen Ones"... or the 144k from Revelation 14 will be taken in spirit only and their ‘dead’ bodies will appear to be dead. After 3 days, they will rise and shine w/ new bodies. They will be Like Jesus after he resurrected from the Dead, where then can disappear and re-appear.
Note – at some point during the cosmic event and before 3 days of darkness, ALL the children of the world will be taken to safety by God using angels to lift them away from the Earth. NOT THE ALIENS. Please inform everyone the Aliens DID NOT TAKE THE LITTLE Children. DON’T talk to the Aliens, DON’T invite them in your house. Have NOTHING to do with them. The aliens are of the devil.

3. THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS is said to occur "within 3 days of the Cosmic" event from one message I have seen. The 144k are said to return to assist the Bride of Christ (Faithful believers) during the 3 days of darkness. One message said that the Bride will be transformed (receive Glorified body) on the 2nd day of the three days of darkness. I can only assume that on the 3rd Day of Darkness the Rapture of the Bride occurs (The Philadelphia Church). This is the 1st harvest. Putting the cosmic event and 3 days of darkness timing together, the two combined will be ~6 days… as it seems.

4. 40 DAY OF TESTING (See Rev 3:10)... some messages have alluded to a "time of testing or trial"... remember the Jesus taught us to pray "Save us from the Time of Trial". During the testing/trial period, the luke-warm Christians are refined (The Laodicean Church, Rev 3) and at the end of the 40 days of testing there will be a second harvest before the start of the GREAT TRIBULATION. Also, the Church of Smyrna will see 10 days of tribulation or distress... not sure if that is the 2nd Harvest or not. They are put in prison by the devil and it appears they die there, this could be the FEMA / Sanctuary Camps that are already prepared in the USA to deal with the aftermath of the global cataclysmic events. DO NOT GO TO ANY GOVERNMENT CAMPS! – Take no food or assistance from obama’s government

5. GREAT TRIBULATION: will commence some-time after the second harvest. The anti-christ will rule for 42 months and then Jesus will return to kill the anti-christ and begin His 1,000 year reign on Earth.
- Obama is the anti-christ or at least the Beast from Rev 13. DO NOT TAKE THE RFID CHIP, this is the mark of the beast. DO NOT GO to the Sanctuary (FEMA) camps that are set-up to ‘protect’ people after the castrophic events. (earthquakes, wars, tsunamis, etc.)

Summarize – 3 Departures of believers PRIOR to the Great Tribulation:
1st Departure: Rev 14 - 144,000 - “The Chosen Ones” and the Cosmic Event along with ALL the LITTLE Children of the world being taken to heaven, since they belong to Kingdom of Heaven.

2nd Departure: Bride of Christ on the 2nd Day of Darkness (~10% of Christians, 1% of Pastors)

3rd Departure: Body of Christ that endures "The Time of Trial" and is refined, These are overcomers, See Rev 3 – Laodicean Church, The luke-warm who claim to be rich, but are wretchly poor. (This last departure may be into the Great Tribulation by 10 days… not sure of the timing)

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I was shown the West Coast / California earthquake in the first vision the Lord ever showed me in Janyaury of 2013:

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