Wednesday, December 28, 2016

UPDATE: Hanukkah 2016 ends the 1335-day count of Daniel 12

UPDATE: Two days before I viewed this "update" video on January 2, I woke up with a dream on the morning of December 31st that I was looking at my real-life wedding dress and it had a Christmas ornament on it. Without having seen the following video first, I  believe that the Lord was sending a confirmation that what Renee Moses is saying in this video is true - that the timeline ended on December 31st and would have been the Day of the Lord but out of his mercy he has provided two more delays which brings us to the next high watch alert - January 24. (I also had a Christmas season rapture vision in December of 2015).

Is the Day of the Lord / Resurrection of the Dead in Christ / Rapture - translation event on December 31st, 2016?

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