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What will happen "October 13"? Why I believe the Day of the Lord is at hand

UPDATE: I now believe that the October 13 God was referring to was 2015, and I now believe that the significance was that God was pointing me to the new moon and the timing of the Holy Days on HIS calendar, not man's, and that the Shemitah and the Jubilee will conclude and commence, (respectively) in late October and the Fall Feast Days will conclude by November 5, and this is why:

In August of 2014 I heard and saw the words: "October 13" drop into my spirit. I knew it was a message from God so I wrote it on my calendar. I have had a feeling all year that this is the year where something significant will take place on October 13. For more info on the visions that I have been shown click HERE:

A few months later I wasn't looking but I stumbled across some videos by Penny (aka Notzrim Woman) about the fact the Lord has shown her some dreams and visions regarding her birthday which is October 13:

I also came across a researcher named Freeman Fly who has been predicting for years that 10/13 of some future year is going to be the next 9/11 (major "false flag" event).

Then in the past few days, I wasn't looking, but someone I'm subscribed to either "liked" Kurt Juergens' videos(or they may have been in my "Recommended" feed by YouTube - either way the Lord dropped these videos  in my lap), about how when you calculate the Autumn Holy Days according to God's Biblical instructions - AFTER the equinox - (vs. being rubber-stamped on the corrupt civil calendars of man) the Day of Atonement (and therefore the possibility of the Day of the Lord) is actually in late October NOT September.

SEE: Kurt's several videos from the past several days,

The Lord also told me last year to look and see what would take place when the Sun moves into Virgo this year and how it relates to  "the Woman clothed with the Sun" in the book of Revelation and Kurt Juergens has a video about that from the past few days about that as well:

The 2015 Sign of the Crowned virgin wins!!! Journeys End

Then, this morning (10/8) Jesus Rules posted a Word from the Lord about the 144,000. The same day, Christine (@ Heart for Him) posted a dream she had this morning about the 144,000, She said the Lord told her to read Isaiah 34 (which is about the Great Day of the Lord). Also, on Saturday 10/3 I asked the Lord what He wanted me to read and flipped the Bible open to Isaiah 34/35 and felt inspired to read 33-36. Sherry Lynne was told by the Lord to post Isaiah 35 on 10/7.

Also, this morning Rhonda Empson was given a Word from the Lord from the Book of Joel which she was told to publish, "Blow the Trumpet in Zion and Sound an Alarm" which heralds the Great Day of the Lord:

After seeing this in my feed, I was inspired to search that phrase on YouTube and filter the results for videos only posted this past month. This video appeared, which is a Word from the Lord (posted 9/10/15) that says the Great Day is approaching on a New Moon and was told to quote Hosea 5: 6-7. The next new moon is OCTOBER 13!!!

A New Moon shall Devour Israel … therefore Blow the Trumpet in Zion and Sound an Alarm …

Then, this morning (10/8) I woke up with a dream about how I was preparing to go on a long journey to another country far, far away in a different time zone. I have never traveled beyond North America and have rarely traveled on airplanes (not more than several times in my 45 years on earth and not for many years, so its not like that sort of thing is normally on my mind). The most interesting part of the dream is that when I was told I was leaving at 3 AM (what many people call the Lord's Hour because the veil is thinnest that time of night, and the Lord often wakes people up then. The dark side also conclude their rituals at 3AM), I thought in the dream that that was O.K. because where we were going was so far away that we would be in a different time zone anyway so either way we would be getting used to a new time zone.

Then, after I saw the video (above) I Googled to see when the next new moon would be and for some odd reason it pulled up the Jerusalem time zone (without any prompting from me) and it said the New Moon would be OCTOBER 13 at 3:05AM in Jerusalem. (click to enlarge.)

Further confirmations this past year (and the past couple of weeks) include the fact that the Lord told me the name of my unborn son was Jacob and I will call him Jake, and then a few days ago I had a dream about his fraternal twin sister whose name I did not know until the dream when I heard it was Jaqueline. I looked up the name to find its meaning. It was a French feminine version of the name Jacob.

Then that day, or within a day, of that dream (Sept, 29), I woke up to this video in my feed about the prophetic significance of the name of the latest hurricane - Joaquin - meaning "to lift up" (as in the Rapture) and it also pertains to judgement. In a couple videos that followed in my feed I learned that the name was of the same etymology as Jacob. It is also related to the Masonic pillars, Jachin and Boaz, and to the story of Ruth and Boaz. I posted in the comments for that video: "Oh my goodness! The Lord just sent me to stay in San Joaquin County this past month!" [where my mom lives]. Then later on that day I went back and posted: "Later on today, I wound up driving by "Joaquin St."!"

Tonight I met my mom's brand new housemate for the first time. His name is Jacob. Then, as if that weren't enough, the 2 year-old nephew that I've been babysitting the past couple of months here in San Joaquin county just started turning on a television program on YouTube (that I'd never heard of until a couple of days ago) called "Baby Jake," and in it they say "Baby Jake" about a hundred times per episode...

The time of "Jacob's trouble" is at hand. God have mercy on us all.

Hurricane Joaquin "God's Judgement" by Pastor Paul Begley

and Team Jesus to the Feast by The Groxt

October 13th will Mark the Real 2,570 Day Shemitah Cycle

November 4, 2015 - True 7th day of Tabernacles???

MAJOR UPDATE! On the night of OCTOBER 14, just at the moment when I was starting to have some doubts as to whether there was any significance to this whole "October 13" thing , I witnessed a massive bolide FIREBALL meteor exploding over my house (the brightest and closest I have ever seen - similar to this photo of one of the recent Russian fireballs) which I reported to the American Meteor Society. Most fireball reports on the site are only reported by 1 - 3 people. The magnitude of this one was so great, 58 other people from both California and Nevada also reported the same one. The report can be viewed HERE:

Further info:

The Hidden Timeline Revealed For the Wise Virgins (Be Ready!) FALL FEASTS ARE GOING LIVE! REAL FEAST OF TRUMPETS in OCTOBER

REAL SHEMITAH (calculated as per God's Biblical instructions - after the equinox) IS IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015!


Kristina said...

The new moon appeared in Jerusalem not on October 13, but on October 14 in the evening, so it wasn't at 3AM.
Calculations are often wrong.

Eizabeth Russell said...

Thank you for your reply. For some reason (not yet known to me) I was pointed to the “Astronomical New Moon” and not the “Crescent New Moon.”

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