Wednesday, October 14, 2015

REAL SHEMITAH (calculated as per God's Biblical instructions - after the equinox) IS IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2015!

 I now believe that the October 13 God was referring to was 2015 (see previous posts), and I now believe that the significance was that God was pointing me to the new moon and the timing of the Holy Days on HIS calendar, not man's, and that the Shemitah and the Jubilee will conclude and commence, (respectively) in late October, and the Fall Feast Days will conclude by November 5

Additional info:

October 13th will Mark the Real 2,570 Day Shemitah Cycle

Day of Atonement is the Fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets


I theorize this is it! Must See!

UPDATE: Right before I saw the above video, I was at a place where you have to take a number, and that number was 23m and then on my way to that same place I was driving behind a car whose license plate number ended in 444 : )

January 6, 2016 - 24th day of Kislev on God's calendar - Haggai 2


The Hidden Timeline Revealed For the Wise Virgins (Be Ready!) FALL FEASTS ARE GOING LIVE! REAL FEAST OF TRUMPETS in OCTOBER / November


What is going to happen in October or November? Why I believe the Day of the Lord is at hand

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